How has your 2019 been? Several events have happened in 2019, some of which have concerned you. Others were merely news that you either witnessed, heard of or wouldn’t know about till later in your lives. But that brings you to the question of this year’s event events .

What do you think you can say about 2019? Can you boldly say you made a great achievement last year or would you write off everything you did and call them a big mistake?


What’s Your Success Standard?

Before consideringpinning the failure on things you’ve witnessed in this year,  would you consider the following?

  1. What’s your standard of success? : Sometimes, we put ouverselves to a higher standard, which makes us forget that our freedom and the . Many of us are fond of questioning the definition of success that we assume people are yet to be successful if they have not attained what we aim to achieve in our life.
  2. Did You Take Any Step At All? : Most of the time, we are quick to label our lives with ridiculous names created by our fear. Some of us are yet to take the first steps needed to create the right world for ourselves. Thus, we end up calling ourselves horrible names. Some of us have even seen the future of things from the beginning that we agree with the failure dangling at the end instead of us finding things we can use to get the desired result. When you work this way, you put yourself open for more fear and would eventually get no right result. So before you regret 2019 year’s happenings, and if you have taken any step at all towards a goal, then you might want to consider its success.
  3. Have Your Goals Been Relevantly Enough? : Many of us have chosen the wrong goals to achieve in life and when we work towards it, we become sad that we get nothing . We spend most of our time chasing the wrong things and when the result comes in we cry over it. You might want to consider the fact that you have created something and have achieved. It will be a bald-faced lie to say you shouldn’t cry but it will also be wonderful if you see yourself having taken a step towards something.
  4. Have You Been Defined By People?  Another thing you might want to consider is the fact that some of our lifestyles are the creation of other people’s desire for us. Our parents and guardian always have a major role to play in this case but some other people have always encroached into our lives consciously and unconsciously.

So, before you choose regrets, you should consider the little success you have gotten from what they have suggested to you.


What Have You Done About It?

When you consider the result of everything you have done, what did you intend to do with it? Even if this year seemed like you were drowning and there’s no one to throw you a lifeline, there still light at the end of the tunnel.

To start with:

What have you done to achieve a successful 2019?

If the previous year pointed you to success, then you need to:

  1. Replicate or Improve: You do not want to nosedive. Never rest on the success of the previous year because that is like skating on thin ice. Your previous year’s success should be like a step up the rungs of a ladder. You don’t want to back down wheb you experience no natural disaster. Ensure you improve on the previous year’s success. When you can’t improve on it, work on getting, at least, the same result.
  2. Learn From Your Mistakes: You should consider learning from the things that served as an obstacle or a drawback. Pick these mistakes and seek out methods you can solve them. Even if this will not entirely improve the previous year’s success, it will ease the way you do things and even inspire you to do better.


What Will You Do About A Year You Regret?

You don’t need to swallow the regret of the things you in 2019. Instead,

  1. Seek Out Ways To Right Your Wrongs: Even if the successful life of many might have made you see your own life as a failure that you wish everything would come crashing at that point, you must realise that life is not as permanent as we think it seems. Endeavour to bring light to your dark tunnel by pinpointing the places you made the errors and the ways you want to correct them.
  2. Try a New Method : You probably have regrets because of the methods you used. In different forms, others have done what you want to do. Seek their works out and practi se the methods they used. It might not give you the same result as theirs but it will help you improve on the things you used to do. Another method you might want to consider is the need to read about successful people in the area you want to get success.
  3. Eliminate Fear: Fear can also play a major part and continual regret can cause a snag that will help fear to dominate your emotional state. Muzzle fear’s ability by always realising that everything that happened the previous year is something that must happen. Even when you miss certain opportunities, don’t take it as the end of everything for you. Put your fear away and sail off into the fullness of the New Year with a reassured lifestyle.

Regardless, of how 2019 was, you still own the right to the New Year. Everything that goes into it with you, should prepare you for the coming year. If you have regrets, just see the New Year as a way to renew yourself. Everyone in the New Year is like a phoenix that always gets a chance to renew itself. If you are still in doubt of how you want to go with; them, check out these nine ways to make your New Year resolutions.

Ha-Le Thai