Successful Stories

My 3 years old son Eric had language delaying. His vocabulary was very limited and only made a couple of words, but was very hard to understand him. When he wanted to get something or expressed what he liked, he mainly produced sounds. This was our family’s worries and concerns.

Ha Le recommended me to try her EMOTIONAL CODE to find out what was the underlying of Eric ‘s language delaying and I agreed to join in.

Thing happened magically. Eric came home and start speaking out the words that he had been taught and heard in the past in our surprises. It happened only in a few hours later the healing section finished!!!

I had a feeling that there was an invisible energy which blocked my son from speaking and when Ha Le cleared it, Eric language skills were balanced.

After the healing section until now, Eric ‘s language has been improved by day. He can express himself in all areas. Since he knows how to use language for communication, he is gaining more confidence and much happier. He also learned everything quicker.
I booked the speed therapy for Eric but cancelled it when seeing Eric has been improved and developed well with his language skills.
Ha Le ‘s healing method was so simple, but the outcomes were so amazing. I highly recommend this healing method to all the children who are unable to speak well, or having language delaying.
I am so happy to see my son healthy and improve his language skill now.

Nhung Ngô

Yagoona, Sydney, NSW, Australia

It’s so amazing that I can roll the neck around after 2 years in uncomfortable feelings. My back pain is gone and my hip is so flexible for walking now. I also can run well for tennis playing. Besides, I felt my tummy is washed away of something.I am having good feelings for my well being.
Thu Trần

Manager, VIP bank, Da Nang, Viet Nam

I saw Ha Le for help with self-confidence and performance enhancement.  Ha Le has a confident attitude and is able to find out what a client wants and tailor the session to help them achieve their goals. I am now feeling more confident and able to plan for the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck or who wants to use hypnotherapy to achieve their goals in life.
Beverly Ward

Victoria, Australia

At first, I looked like soulless and sick person. I was so skinny, dark-circled eyes, pale face, often ill. It was about time I prepared for my Uni exam and faced with family problems that I have had severe stress. My face looked tense (almost never laughs) and I fell into a depression.

Then one day, while helping my aunt to work, Ms. Thai paid a visit. Seeing her so I immediately said I wanted her to heal me. She said there are cures with magnets to balance the health problems. She cured many people from illness and they worked very fast. The best thing is not to take medicine! At that time, I did not understand much about this healing method, but I was very curious and want to be treated to see the outcomes.

She started rolling the magnet on my back. Every time she rolled it over, at once I felt light comfortably inside my body. My heart started to beat faster. All the stress in my mind disappearing. I felt so comfortable and relaxing.

After hearing her explanations, I also understand how the magnet works in the body. I was treated twice, once directly and once via telephone.

After the healing, I feel much healthier, more active and more playful; I started intensive work with good energy. Everyone around me commented that I changed so much in good ways of physical and mental

Nguyễn Tuấn Tú

Polytechnic Students , Danang, Vietnam

I actually felt much better and much more focused when I was doing my exam. I was able to finish all of questions in the allocated time and I feel like I have improved my study habits and abilities.
Kenny H

Sefton, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I had a bad headache that would not go away. Ha Le offered to do a healing on me & within 5 minutes my head felt so much lighter. Within 10 minutes my headache was completely gone! She is talented!!
Hayley D

Guilford, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I walked with a stick and my 2 feet got soreness. I told the daughters’ in law that I wanted to die as I could not with terrible pains. I asked to take me to Mrs Thai because my grandson has been healed for groin pains and urinating intense.

After 1 hour to find the causes and healing, I felt my two knees lighter and I went around the healing room without a cane.

At evening, the terrible headache did not annoying me anymore. The next day, I can go around the house to clean it.

I got two treatments and the pains went away a lot and I also can moved my arm and fingers easier after being stiff for a while.

Bác Hường - 83 tuổi

Chester Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia

I had 3 sections with Ha Le and I learned how to use my wisdoms and powers that I owned. I gained weight as I wish and looked much younger after 3 sections. Moreover, my life gets better and better by day.
Bình Tú

Sydney, Australia

Normally, I don’t like flying. However, when Ha Le carried a quick and spontaneous 10mins hypnosis, I felt relaxed after the session, felt happy before the flight, and felt comfortable with the flight after that. Thank you Ha Le.
Thomas K

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Ha Le is my hero. She have helped my entire family to be better and better by day. Her advices really changed my life and I became a new person with a lot of wisdoms.
Fatima M

Melbourne,Victoria, Australia