Ha-Le Thai knew that escaping Vietnam for freedom in a cramped, leaking boat would not be easy. She imagined that building a new life in Australia, from little more than a hope and a dream, would stretch her courage and strength to its limits. But the warrior and refugee never guessed that her biggest challenge of all would be motherhood.

A product of two cultures, Ha Le’s daughter is educated, confident and excited to introduce her Australian boyfriend to the family. As a protective mother, Ha-Le must overcome beliefs of the past and embrace the future she’s fought so hard for. But when a darker secret is revealed, Ha- Le finds herself once more a warrior caught on a battlefield. This time, however, cruel words and stony silences replace beatings and famine; the emotional warfare somehow taking a greater toll.

Past and present collide as Ha Le searches her history to try and make sense of her heartbreak. She might have overcome the threat of death and communism, but she’s never truly escaped the ghosts that keep her light from shining. In this tale of strength and vulnerability, love and loss, life journeys and self-discovery, Ha Le must save her family a second time by returning to where her story began.

Awakening The Inborn Warrior Within

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