Ha Le Thai

Ha Le Thai


  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Dip in Child studies
  • Dip in Hypnosis& NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)
  • Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy Training
  • EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Master Practitioner Of Positive Psychology
  • Psychosomatic Practitioner
  • Certified Life Coach


Hi! My name is Ha-Le. I am an Educator, and a Health & Life Coach. I believe that EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE, Psychosomatic Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, EFT, Positive Psychology, Reiki will help you to be a balance being in your life. I’ve healed myself after three cancers and overcome several mental and physical issues. I have also helped many people to have gain a balance in their well-being both physically and mentally, and I love to help you as well.

A Preschool Director & Teacher

I was very fortunate to be in a career that I have a great passion for. I was an Early Childhood Teacher for 25 years with the great successes. I built my own preschool, taught and helped a lot of children who thrived to grow to the full of their potentials in all areas. This experience has led me to the career as a Health and Life Coach. My long life learning and teaching experiences really serve as great credits to help me to understand my clients at deeper levels. I can help them to improve their lives to achieve maximal successes.

Emotional Code & Body Code

Helping people to be happy and well is my great passion. It has long been cherished in my subconscious mind since I was young. I felt so thankful when EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE and EFT came to me after two cancers struck me. They truthfully make sense of what I was searching for years. They provide answers to questions why I suffered a lot both physically and mentally. I have been content with ‘the avenues’ I have found for the desires of my heart, my calling and my passion.

From a Preschool Director to a Holistic Natuaral Health and Life Coach

After nearly 2 years working as a part-time EMOTIONAL CODE& BODY CODE Practitioner, I had a burning desire to help people with their well-being issues. I then decided to stop my very good income job as a preschool Director and Owner after more than 25 years’ serving young children to become a full-time Holistic Natural Health And Life Coach. I believe that I can help each individual person and family to be happier and become healthier persons whom we all deserve.

Psychosomatic Therapy

In 2015, I had a deep interest in understanding functions of a full body and mind. I enrolled in a PSYCHOSOMATIC Practitioner course at an internationally recognized Psychosomatic College of Australia, which is a great complimentary healing modality for BODY CODE & EMOTIONAL CODE healing therapy.
Working with young children for 25 years really gave me a sense of uniqueness and variety in individuals. Some are healthy and rich, some are unwell and unsuccessful, and some get depressed, angry, lonely… All are aspects of our physical and mental health. Each person builds problems up by the experiences he/she has as life moves on. Each of the problems starts from the first time a human is formed in his/her mother’s womb. I can see how our physical and mental imbalances are caused, how illnesses and mental problems are developed in human beings through the perspectives of EMOTIONAL CODE/ BODY CODE/ PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY.

Priceless gifts

EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY came to me as priceless gifts. I applied them to heal myself and I am currently back in a very good state of my wellbeing, wealth and joy despite turbulences of cancers. I am also getting mentally and physically richer and I am experiencing excellent stages of my life with a great sense of confidence.

My past…

I need to mention that I had very poor physical and mental health in the past. I came from a broken family and had my childhood abused by a baby sitter, which severely affected my emotions. Besides, I grew up in a war zone of Vietnam and when my family had to evacuate to different places when I was less than 10 years old, I experienced near death experiences in war-torn towns with a lot of horrible and awful memories of war engraved in my mind and heart during my childhood.
In July 1988 I left Vietnam when I was two months ‘pregnant on very tiny boat to Hong Kong, where I had my child there in Feb 1989 in very horrible and unforgettable conditions. I was living there for nearly one year in a detention camp and two more years in an open refugee camp. I got continuous depression and sleeplessness during that time.
In 1991 our family was accepted as refugees to Australia. I faced with a lot of challenges and hardships in a new country which was far different from my home one. I was on going a long-term depression and sleeplessness in my early years of resettlement. This kept going for nearly 15 years. Sometimes, I just wanted to sleep forever and didn’t want to wake up again.
Despite of what I already had, in 2002, I got a thyroid cancer. In 2006 cancer cells came back on my neck, and in 2011 I got an ovary cancer. Putting it all together, I went through 3 major operations, many times for ultrasounds, X-rays, biopsies, MRI scans, many times in and out of hospitals….These really made me feel desperate, hopeless, disappointed and angry. These added up to the sleeplessness and depression that I had already had.
After all of these, I was also struggling with the challenges of physical and mental changes. During that time, life still kept bombarding me with a lot of family matters which almost knocked me down totally. At times, I didn’t have an eagerness to live at all. I just wished I was brave enough to end my life!!!
All of these became my past and they no longer had any power in my life after I came to know how mental and physical imbalances lead to physical and mental concerns and illnesses!!!
I really love my life even though I cannot achieve the life that I dreamt in my heart since I left Vietnam, but I felt joyful with what I experience day by day at present.

Everything has a reason

Above are the reasons why I’ve chosen EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY to serve people around me, far and close to return to the goodness that life gave to me. I have devoted all of my time to study and research more and more about EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY to help those who are in need of a recovery of their well-being and who have a desire to strengthen themselves to overcome issues and challenges in life.
EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY work magically with me and more importantly still, they have brought me to a very stable condition now BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY. I also have helped a lot of people around me and overseas to have a better life in many areas. Moreover, working with the EMOTIONAL CODE and BODY CODE, I have found out the reasons why I had cancer 2 times. I strongly believe the two cancers that I had come from different sources. They were mainly caused by emotional traps which I had experienced in my life. This has given me full trust in EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY healing methods.

A third cancer!!!

I thought my life was fine, and I am on the way to improve my well-being by day, and I could feel totally confident with it. I was focusing my time, energy and passion to educate, guide, give consultations to and help people around me to have a better life. But then another thunder struck me down. I was diagnosed with NON-HOGDKIN LYMPHOMA in March, 2016!!
“Another cancer!!! I cried out in despair with the news. My physical and mental state was shaken for a little while with the shocking news. However, thanks to my knowledge of Emotional code, Body Code and Psychosomatic Therapy, I could set my feet upon a rock in dealing with this new battle.

I was sent again to different places for biopsies, blood tests, scans etc. Finally, my specialist planned to give me a chemotherapy. I refused to take it and asked him to delay the process and requested for further thorough test of my body. Then I used all of the wisdom and ability which I had and the knowledge I learned from Emotional & Body Code, Psychosomatic Therapy and Reiki to heal myself. The more I healed myself, the more I understood the causes of the previous cancers and the imbalances of my physical and mental health in all over those years which led to the third cancer!!!

Here come NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy

My desire of getting better and having a life that I dreamed to have has led me to find the ways out of my sickness. My intuition led me to NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Program), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy and Positive Psychology after two months of being diagnosed with a third cancer. Again, these came to me as invaluable gifts!!! They helped me to understand my physical and mental health at deeper levels and I used these as tools to fix my third cancer, improve my well-being and bring it to higher levels.
Free from chemotherapy

Amazingly after about 3 months’ healing myself with different methods and knowledge which I collected& learned throughout my life, I was overjoyed when my specialist said to me, ‘YOU DON’T NEED SCHEMO THERAPY AS YOUR TUMOURS ARE GETTING SMALLER!!!’ I need to mention that when I had my first visit to him, I received a brochure from him which explained my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. In the booklet, it stated that the tumours never get smaller once they start developing. In my case, scientific and natural healings have given me astonishing treatment results.

Why I chose the name HAPPY CELLS for my Health And Life Coach Institute

For the last three years, people have known me and my Health And Life coach Centre through the name of BALANCE BEINGS, but after carefully studying my 3 cancers with insights of the perspectives of the courses I have done on natural healing, I’ve realized that each cell in our body is essentially important, and it needs a very good care for in order to be HAPPY and to achieve a good wellbeing. Research studies show that our human body is made up of approximately 50-70 trillion cells or even more. Each cell in our body has its own intelligence and it controls our wellbeing. If each of the cells is happy, the whole body will then be happy since the state of happiness of each cell contributes to the happiness of the whole body. I also was fascinated to read the books of Dr Bruce Lipton who wrote BIOLOGY OF BELIEF which related to our cells in the body. He addressed the relationship between mind and body that changed the way we think about our lives, our health, and our planet.
I totally agreed with Dr Bruce Lipton‘s points of view.
Putting it all together with my inspiration, I have decided to change BALANCE BEINGS to HAPPY CELLS. I am really passionate to help all of you to have, first and foremost, happy cells for your precious body.

My life now….

Now, I am indeed in the best stage of my life so far, even though all of my cancer’s conditions are still on the process of being healed. I feel so blessed with this and I want to return my gifts of healing to whoever needs my help. From the very bottom of my heart, I believe that each of us deserves a best life and we have to claim that birthright.
Moreover, I have been so happy with the success with the new career. My soul has been singing when seeing my client’s lives changing and shifting to the better and higher level in Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

I have successfully helped myself and I feel confident to help you as well.

I strongly believe that EMOTIONAL CODE, BODY CODE & PSYCHOSOMATIC THERAPY, NLP, HYPNOSIS, TIME LINE THERAPHY, EFT, REIKI ARE NEW BREAKTHROUGH NATURAL HEALING methods based on popularly renown, ancient and modern scientific natural treatments in Greece, Japan, China, Egypt, etc… for thousands of years to help people to gain a healthy well-being. They work astonishingly for you if you have faith in them. I invite you to allow me to help you through these amazing natural healing methods.

People often say ‘LIFE IS SO SHORT’. Indeed it is and it will pass very quickly. We all need to be wise to make the most of it.

I hope you all agree with me that our life is so abundantly resourced and natural energy healing is a great resource that is divinely bestowed to all humans. We do not really need to resort to drugs and pills which might create other side-effects and imbalances on our preciously healthy body.
Set yourselves free from all emotional and physical baggage that your body has experienced to become a new person with a new life.
I commit myself to serve you all with my long life learning knowledge and my passion with the wish to to work with each of you and bring your life to a new level that you deserve to have.

You deserve a best life that you can have!