It’s a New Year of 2019, and it is ritual, everybody has a list of New Year goals and New Yearresolutions that they hope to live by for the New Year. Hopes, expectations and aspirations are usually very high this time of year and most people relish the opportunity to start afresh. This is completely great and beneficial if you actually dwell by your new resolutions and immediately begin to work on your goals for the year.Too often, the euphoria of the New Year dies within the first week or a few weeks later for a lot of people and they are back to their old selves once again. What separates the successful ones from the quitters is basically dedication, commitment, hard work and an averseness to procrastination and overcome challenges and difficulties. Decide for yourself right this minute if you want to be a warrior and reap all of its benefits or a quitter and suffer the negative and undesired effects for the year of 2019.
Being a warrior

A better part of success pivots around the winning mindset and the proper mentality. This begins with your decision to be a warrior and face the challenges life brings your way head on. When you make this decision to be a warrior, you put yourself in a position to succeed. Facing your challenges will come with its downsides and failures but this gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and continue to improve and grow through your experiences.

This is basically what sets achievers apart from non-achievers. Nothing good comes easy and without pain there is no gain. Have this in mind as you power through your goals for the New Year and success will be yours.

Being a quitter

We all like to think the old year had all of this negativity that we want to rid ourselves of but you can’treally do this if you quit on your goals and resolutions no sooner than you set them.

When you fall into this negative mindset of procrastination and outright surrender, you will find yourself at the end of the year in the same position you were the year before if not worse. When you allow life happen to you, you are giving up all control and you have to take what you get. A lot of the times, this mindset only gets you left overs and this is not the best way to live life if you wish to be fulfilled and happy.

The different between the warrior and a quitter

A warrior: taking a new year with new fights
A quitter: taking a new year with withdrawals

A warrior:Being a hero of answers
A quitter:Still going for questions.

A warrior: always having a plan;
A quitter: still having a reason.

A warrior:declaring, “Allow me to finish it for you”
A quitter: saying, “That’s not my business.”

A warrior:seeinga solution to every difficulty
A quitter: seeing a problem for every condition.

A warrior:stating “It may be challenging, but it’s achievable;”
A quitter:saying, “It may have a potential, but it’s too hard.”

A Warrior: Fighting to the end for victory
A quitter: Running away when challenge begins

A warrior:Contributing a lot to life
A quitter:Being a life’s burden

A warrior:Having encouragement
A quitter:Having complaints

A warrior:Keeping hope alive every time
A quitter:Keeping worries most of the time

A warrior:saying ‘the best is yet to come’
A quitter: complaining ‘the worst is coming soon’

A warrior:Believing in victories
A quitter:Doubting successes

A warrior: Working out
A quitter: Lazing around

A warrior: Laughing
A quitter: Frowning

A warrior: Putting trust
A quitter: Occupying insecurity

A warrior: Being confident
A quitter: Being weak

A warrior: Showing understanding
A quitter: Showing ignorance

A warrior: Showing a lot of love
A quitter: Showing a lot of hate

A warrior: Counting every blessing
A quitter: Showing ungratefulness

The choice is yours….


Who do you choose to be in 2019? A warrior or a quitter? This decision is critical and you have to make it every single day, week, month of the year and continue to live by your decision. If you want growth and success, you have to be a warrior and if you are completely fine with mediocrity and failure, then you can surrender and let life just happen. The choice is yours.