10 Ideas of How to Get an Instant Energy Boost

10 Ideas of How to Get an Instant Energy Boost Sometimes you just need a bit of energy, whether it’s to help get going in the morning or to strengthen you through the final hours of the workday. If you sip an energy drink, packed with sugar you’ll get an...

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The Past Can Last Forever

The Past Can Last Forever Whatever stored in us as experience will last forever in our memory bank!They often say that the past can be forgotten with time. And time heals a person’s wounds eventually. But what if this is not the truth? What if some damages...

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It is such a great honour to have another reader, Leanne Shelton, who rates 5 stars for my memoir WARATAH. Many thanks for her review. It conveys a thorough understanding of my personal recount with great compassion. I am grateful for her sincere words of nice...

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Complements for WARATAH!

I am humbled and grateful to those who have spent your time reading my memoir WARATAH and given out your comments. Every word that you've put down for WARATAH is counted as blessings I've received and it has made my book reach more readers. I am greatly indebted to...

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My Free Ebook

Have you found it hard to concentrate, don't have the strength to get things accomplished, question yourself & need the courage to proceed your purposes ambitiously?You've used all of the approaches your dream life , & yet, you still try to...

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